Board Elections 2017

Elections for members of the Board in 2018 will be held on Thursday 16 November at the Annual Business Meeting.  There are three vacancies on the Board and there are five candidates listed below in an order drawn randomly and assembled by the Nominating Committee. Voting will be (preferred) in-person at the meeting or absentee by email to Richard Gillette at


Tommy G. Cooper, PE

Mr. Cooper is the founder in 1986 of Cooper Consulting Service (CCS) located in Friendswood, TX. CCS is an engineering design and development company with a focus on medical devices. For the last two years, CCS has made the Cougar 100, which celebrates the 100 fastest growing companies owned by a University of Houston alumni. He has a BSEE ’74 and MSEE ’81 from the University of Houston and is a registered professional engineer in Texas. He has written over 16 articles for publication in professional journals and holds 22 patents in the field of medical devices. He has designed and developed numerous products, such as, kidney dialysis machines, sleep study systems, electronic stethoscopes, disposable pressure transducers, a defibrillator-monitor, a laser based opto-acoustic patient monitor, wireless ambulatory patient monitors, an intracardiac pressure-volume monitor, teaching devices for physiological sound auscultation, automated test systems and many others. He works with medical product companies of all sizes, start-up companies, medical schools and foundations. His focus is on new product development from concept to regulatory approval and production.

He has been the Chair of the IEEE Houston Consultants Network for 7 years. He served for 12 years as the co-chairman of the AAMI Blood Pressure Transducer Committee that developed the ANSI-AAMI national standard for blood pressure transducers Mr. Cooper lives in Friendswood, Texas with his wife Joan and has two sons, who are both electrical engineers and work at CCS developing products and systems.

Dr. Gary Woods
Gary Woods has a PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University (1997) and undergraduate degrees in Physics and in Electrical Engineering from Rice University. Hid general expertise is lasers, optics, opto-electronic devices, and circuit design.

Gary’s industrial career started in 1998 at Intel Corporation in Silicon Valley where he helped to develop several optical probing techniques for debugging microprocessors running at full clock frequency. He subsequently co-founded a venture-funded telecommunications startup company and joined Optonics, Inc. (later Credence Systems Corp), a manufacturer of optical probing equipment. He also worked as a consultant in the area of optical probing of integrated circuits.

Since 2008 Gary have been employed by Rice University as a “Professor in the Practice” in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His work involves mentoring dozens of student design projects in a wide variety of fields, of which some have gone on to commercialization. In 2009 he co-founded InView Technology, a Rice spin-out company located in Austin, TX. He continues to perform consulting work.

Cecil Morgan

Mr. Cecil Morgan develops business for electric power energy efficiency and power quality improvement technologies. He works to develop business and projects for new power factor and power quality improvement technologies. He also consulted many with small business clients in market and business development. He helped many of his clients bring fossil fuel energy efficiency or alternative energy innovations to the market. He is an IEEE member as well as a member of the IEEE Houston Consultants Network.

Cecil earned all of his college money working in construction. His first job out of college, was selling computer systems to automate bank, business, and government entity accounting and financial reporting processes. Later, he became a securities broker and gained experience in the field of personal finance. Using his client base of small community banks and the experience and knowledge he gained in business finance, he gravitated into investment banking and became a specialist in the development of both government and private sector funding sources for special projects and general business and economic development activities in rural Texas communities.

Mike Allen Main

Mr. Mike Main holds a BSEE degree (power option) from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is retired, following a 40 year career at Westinghouse (Field Service Engineering and Quality Management for power generation); GE (Systems Reliability Engineering Management for locomotive design); and Siemens (Quality and Operations Management for the Power Generation Services Divisions). Mike holds two US patents for field service applications (for steam turbines and gas turbines), and has served on Patent Committees at Westinghouse and Siemens.
He is a Life Senior Member of IEEE, a member of the IEEE Houston Consultants Network, a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, and a Member of the Society of Reliability Engineers. Mike is an ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer.

Mitchell J. Maifeld PE

Mr. Maifeld is a Consulting Engineer in Katy, Texas with early 20 years of engineering experience. He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University, done graduate work at Villanova, and is currently enrolled in the Self-Driving Car nanodegree program with Udacity. Since college, he has worked all around the U.S. in jobs and on projects from software to hardware, from design to debug, and from forensics to computer animation. He has completed projects as large as cellular phone tower placement and as small as hand-held RFID.

Mitch is an Associate Member in the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, a member of IEEE and the Houston Consultants Network. He serves as the Houston Consultants Network WWW Chair and its Webmaster. He also supports ASTM committees E58 Forensic Engineering and E30 Forensic Sciences. He is a Co-Inventor on U.S. Patent # 7,263,375.

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